Yoga Diet Plan

To start with, any ancient Yoga Sutras or books or teachings do not prohibit from eating meat. However Yoga puts a lot of attention on general mindfulness. One must focus attention on what they are eating, where is it coming from, and what is it comprised of. As a fair warning, in India the chicken is high in  hormones and antibiotics, and fish is super high in mercury.

From a perspective of balanced diet and required proteins, I am a big fan of moderate amount of meat in the diet. My secret combination of healthy diet is proper rotation between poultry, red meat, and fish.  

If you are vegetarian or vegan for any religious environmental reason, I totally respect the choice. Be extra conscious to find other supplements : lot of lentils, soy, cheese, etc. Particularly when 80% of Indians are protein deficient, let the first element of your diet plan be to check on your proteins.

If we optimize and fix two basic component of our diets i.e. Salt & Sugar, trust me half our diet plan battle would be solved. 

Average Indian salt intake is twice the WHO recommended maximum consumption limit.
If you read ingredients of any spice box (garam masala, chana masala) it is essentially 20-40% salt. Hence the Indian diet with a mixture of spices and added salt, is twice the safe limit.   

Fat usually takes the brunt of allegation when it comes to chips fried food snacks, but it is the salt which is the real villain.  

Yes ! Step #1 Stop Eating White Rice especially the Basmati Rice. A lot of veganism and vegetarianism across the world has been inspired by environmentalism. 

If you can trust an environmental management graduate from Yale, Indian environmentalist diet should start with a ban on white (Basmati) rice. 

First of all, Basmati is just a recipe to be fat and bloated. It provides low to no nutrition. 

And most importantly, (basmati) rice is the main culprit of the deadly polluted air you see in North India in Winters (from the crop burning). It is responsible for the declining water levels in Punjab and Haryana, many a districts of which are slowly walking towards desertification. 

As a consumer and eater, your behavior drives the market demand and supply dynamics. The change starts from you. 

As a substitute explore brown rice, red rice, purple rice, black rice, sticky rice, and gazillion other types of non-refined heavy in roughage rice. 

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