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In simplest words, Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. – Bhagvad Gita.

In other physical words, Yoga is a language of some 1000+ asanas. The teacher usually composes a class (song) by sequencing these characters and words. Over years, there are some styles as developed by some previous teachers just like there are genres in music and types in poetry. 

In my words, Yoga is a song that one sings on his/her mat by intertwining their movement and breath, with the lyrics beings a poem written by the teacher. 

YES, definitely you can lose weight through yoga. Although, I should remind you weight is not a measure of fitness or health. 

Still, depending on your weight and age, it is easily possible to loose few extra kgs here and there through Yoga. 

Yes !! Definitely you can and you SHOULD. The biggest misconception is that “Yoga is all about flexibility” and “If you are not flexible, you can’t do yoga”.

Firstly, yoga is like 1000 some poses about a LOT more than just flexibility. Second, if you are not flexible right now, shouldn’t you try to become a little ?

Since the day, I have returned to India, I have heard COUNTLESS personal recounts of back issues, injuries, slip disc, spondylosis, you name it I have heard it. It personally intrigues me, how did we get here as a community ? But then every time, I walk into a cafe and watch people sitting; I get my answer. I correct my younger brother’s posture like 5 times on a daily basis, and he is making slow progress with his habits. 

Why this digression and what it has to do with Yoga ?

At Om Room, through our yoga classes and your yoga practice, you will learn about “correct” postures, you will understand your spine, slowly in your daily habits you will align. 

Please inform the teacher before the class of any such issues, so that we can offer appropriate modifications. Also, do check out Restore & Recover on Wednesday 7:30 am which is specially designed for you with love and care.