Om Room is an owner-operated boutique Yoga studio in DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon. At ORYS, we offers six classes a week for students and practitioners at all levels. 

The schedule and classes are designed to meet the interest and needs of all members of our urban community

Foundations of Yoga

Sunday 4 PM and 6 PM
Pace of Class: Slow
Goals : Posture & Alignment

This is our signature Sunday Morning Yoga 101 Class for First-Timers or Beginners. Also recommended for intermediate students to revise their core concepts and alignments. 

It is designed to build students’ yoga vocabulary in asana, anatomy, & alignment to lay a strong foundation for future practice at home or in studio. It is HIGHLY recommended to take this class before exploring other classes at Om Room or any yoga studio.

Hello Sunshine!

Monday 7:30 AM
Beginner to Intermediate
Pace of Class: Medium
Goals : Weight Loss, De-Stress

Sun Salutation and Vinyasa Flows : This is our signature Monday evening class to kickstart a healthy week with our earnest prayers and salutations to the Sun God. The class focus is on healthy practices in our daily physical, spiritual, personal, and social life.

It includes a LOT of warm ups, dancy moves through musical Vinyasa flows to build strength, gain flexibility, and together set an intention for our week to come.

Align & Flow 

Tuesday 7:30 PM
Beginner to Advanced
Pace of Class: Medium
Focus : Posture, Back/Spine issues

Align & Flow is a manifestation of my personal obsession with correct posture, understanding and caring for SPINE, and love for danceStudents of all levels will be guided through the sequence with proper modifications and assists.

Restore & Recover

Wednesday day 7:30 AM
Beginner to Advanced
Pace of Class: Very Slow
Goals : De-Stress, Recover, Yoga Therapy

The midweek (wednesday) crisis is on and we can all use some positive energy and zen. In this world of over-work and over-stress, This class moves slowly through a sequence of restorative yoga poses with breath awareness to leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and revitalized. 

It is a great class for older people or anyone who are hesitant to try yoga due to fear or previous bad experience. This class is designed with very mindful detail and attention to the issues of spine, joints, fatigue, past injuries or any health issues. It is open to ALL. No yoga experience is necessary.

Power Vinyasa Flow

Thursday 7:30 PM
Intermediate to Advanced
Pace of Class: Fast 
Goals : Weight Loss, Cardio, Strength

Power Flow is a high-energy, fast, groovy practice with creative vinyasa flow following chakra sequence. If you like to rock out with fun music, sweat a bucket, and challenge yourself with advanced postures, this class is for you. 

Come Together 

Saturday 4 PM and 6 PM
Beginner to Advanced
Pace of Class: Medium
Goals : Posture, Weight Loss, Strength

Come All, Come Together. This is an open-for-all mixed-level vinyasa class. It is designed and taught to cater to student at every level, and the class sequence will depend on the composition of the class, with a general lotus flow framework.