Down Dog

Move through your Vinyasa

Downward Facing Dog : Down Dog : Adho Mukho Svanasana

This is one of the most, I would say THE MOST, fundamental poses / position / asana / आसन in ANY yoga practice. The first baby step of any yoga practitioner is to master this pose to an extent that it becomes a comfort pose and a resting place. 

Focus on straight and long spine in down dog before taking heels to the ground, bend you knees and touch the thighs with stomach if need be, and just breathe. 

Move through your vinyasa : Plank and Up Dog

The founding blocks of a Yoga practice is the Vinyasa Sequence i.e. a smooth movement intertwined with the breath through downdog – plank – (optional knees-chest-chin or chaturanga dandasana aka low plank) to upward facing dog (aka updog or urdhva mukho svanasana)

As a yoga teacher, when my beginner students nail their vinyasa is one of the biggest achievement for me. This sequence is a full body workout engaging from wrists to core to spine. 

So are you down dawg ? to hop on the mat move through your vinyasas and be stronger healthier wealthier

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